Only four motorcycles did a Nürburgring lap this whole weekend.

Nürburgring don’t release official figures for #touristenfahrten traffic over the 20.8km Nordschleife, but if they did, I think that headline above would be correct. I’m sure of it. Why?

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Because thanks to the system, you can look at the Nürburgring through the lenses of around 30 photographers most days. The chances of escaping them all are slim to none-existent.

On Saturday, the first day of the 2021 Touristenfahrten season, just one biker hit the Nordschleife. A lone Yamaha TDM900. That’s against the hundreds and HUNDREDS of cars that attended the season opener, remember. On Sunday there was a sexy Ducati Panigale, and, erm…. us. You can find the video of our whole motorcycle Nürburgring lap below.

Yes, “us’ was myself on my 1993 Project Daytona and Sebastian from Passion:Driving motorycle and car blog on… his girlfriend’s CBF600!

Since the last blog post on the big Daytona, I’ve been a bit busy piecing it all back together.

  • Bob from FWR was kind enough to sell me some brand-new Michelin Power 5s and ship them to the Eifel before Brexit taxes hit
  • I rebuilt the carbs about 3 times, and balanced them even more times than that.
  • Then the Daytona passed its first 2-year HA/AU (like an MOT) in the last 6 years.
  • On the way home from that, it popped a fork seal! But I went for a celebratory ride with Billy anyway…
  • Emerson from stopped servicing GT4 and GT3 Öhlins shocks for a night, and helped me not only replace the popped seal, but also change the oil to heavier Öhlins stuff and polish the stanchions (which were a little bit scratched up, luckily above the main range of the seals).

And that’s pretty much where we are today. Apart from the Dynojet kit and the fancy fork oil, this 1993 Daytona is pretty much stock. What’s it like to ride? Well, it’s not slow. I think the whole ‘how does a 90s superbike stack up in 2021’ is a separate topic, and one which deserves its own video and article.

For now, I’m just thrilled to bring you a video lap from the first weekend of TF.

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