Rock Am Ring cancelled, but new 2022 date already locked-in.

If living at the greatest racetrack on Earth wasn’t enough*, then living at the home of, arguably, the greatest rock concert** at the same time is just one step too far.

But for this year, we’ll just have to be happy with the re-opening of #touristenfahrten, a “contactless” RCN and NLS, and (probably) a later N24 date. Because the Rock Am Ring 2021 concert in June is, maddeningly, cancelled.

This will come as a massive blow to not just the fans, but also the hotels and catering companies. And, by trickle-down economics, the whole region. The organisers just released the news to social media:

The interesting point is that next year’s Rock Am Ring is scheduled for the dates currently occupied by the N24.

My own theory is that, much like in 2020, there’s still a small chance of the N24 being bumped to the end of summer. Personally, I think that’s not a bad idea, as the N24 needs a lot of prep work. Currently teams attend races the winter before, then have a big break before attending maybe 1 or 2 races before the N24 arrives in May. If the N24 was an end-of-summer event, N24 teams might attend more NLS (former VLN) events. The weather is historically better in September too.

What say you?

*fight me
**maybe Monsters of Rock at Donington Park could be considered a rival

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