Nürburgring to re-open TF this weekend

It’s hard to believe, but it’s already two weeks since a devastating flood swept through the Ahr valley. Since that time, over 130 deaths have been confirmed in our little county alone. Over 70 still missing. The entire Ahr valley looks like a warzone.

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Today, in a pragmatic-yet-contentious move, the ‘Ring management will be splitting just some of the circuit’s resources to open the tourist sessions this Saturday, July 31st, at 0900. (The Schnelleschwaben trackday this Friday the 30th has been postponed to October, but the Industry Pool has already been driving since Wednesday 21st).

All of the emergency operations will continue to run from the Nürburgring GP paddock, GP circuit and arena. Visitors for TF are asked to avoid the GP circuit completely, and use the Nordschleife car-park. I am awaiting clarification, but the official German press release does appear to show our beloved car park as open?!

The AvD Oldtimer GP that was scheduled for this weekend is cancelled. The DTM weekend is still scheduled at the time of writing this article.

IMPORTANT: If you’re arriving to the Nuerburgring from the North or West, do NOT try and drive down the B258 (Blankenheim) or B257 (Ahrweiler). Make your way to the Wehr junction of the A61, or the Ulmen junction of the A48. 

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