Polizei intervene, roads closed, as ‘drifters’ arrive to Meuspath en masse

Adenau Polizei reported dealing with around 200 cars at the Nürburgring yesterday, attending the giant traffic circle in Meuspath. “Fines were issued, eviction notices served, violations consistently punished,” reads a press release published to facebook.

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Locals reported that the impromptu car meet was only broken up by the eventual closing of the two roads leading into and out of the Meuspath industry area. For those unfamiliar with the area, we’re talking about the industrial area home to companies like Jaguar Land Rover, Manthey Porsche, AMG and similar. The giant roundabout between Black Falcon and Raeder Motorsport has often been worth a visit in snowy conditions, and I’m hardly innocent of the odd skid myself.

But the explosion of social media during lock-down, combined with snow in the higher reaches of the Eifel, and large population centres like Köln and Bonn on “lockdown” in the rain nearby, resulted in a lot of impromptu visitors to the Nürburgring yesterday.

I have seen videos of the “200” cars at Meuspath, and I’m not going to share them here. Some have already been taken down, others will be soon, I guess. I will say that it did look to be getting out of control. Which is a massive shame, but kinda inevitable with those numbers. The Polizei didn’t give numbers, but they reported that they were receiving complaints throughout the day.

In previous BTG posts I’ve often joked that advanced registration and technical scrutineering for the Meuspath Drift GP is held at Adenau Polizei station, but I guess that was a little too subtle for some!

To get a feel for the sheer number of impromptu arrivals yesterday, check out how many people were at Brünnchen (despite the Nürburgring being closed!).


You can read the full report below:

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