Order books open for the 6-minute Zyrus LP1200

Do you remember that crazy, downforce’d, twin-turbo’d Lamborghini that visited the Nürburgring recently? I certainly do. It looked like Batman had decided to enter Time Attack. The Norwegian firm behind the be-winged behemoth, Zyrus Engineering, have released images of the final production version of the LP1200.

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The new car, titled the LP1200 Strada, offers 900hp in road trim and 1200 in track mode. Drivers can switch between the two maps by control in the Smart Dash, or by a smartphone App. But the buzzword of “connectivity” doesn’t excite me as much as the word “downforce”. This thing boasts a whopping 2010kg at 200kmh, meaning that it’s claimed weight of 1427kg could easily be pinned to an upside racetrack, should you find one.

The price for this hand-modified Lamborghini LP640-4? A mere €595,000, including a private track orientation. Interested parties should contact Zyrus directly, but if you want to bring me along to offer a second opinion, I’d be happy to help out.

You can read more about the LP1200 on BTG from when it visited a trackday, and also when it blew a slick at 205kmh.

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