New Nürburgring safety measures to include compulsory briefing

Starting today, April 1st 2024, new drivers to the Nürburgring will be required to watch a 5-minute safety briefing, and pass a simple multiple-choice exam in order to drive the Nordschleife during the famous tourist drives.


“It’s really devilishly simple,” says Nürburgring spokesperson Maximus Termann. “When ordering a ticket online, all drivers must already create a new account. Now we simply ask them to watch a quick safety briefing, and then answer a few questions, before enabling the ticket. Once that account has been ‘briefed’, their status is saved and they don’t need to watch it again until we update it”

Arrivals on the day, who buy tickets at the ticket office, are offered a QR code on the ticket to watch the video, take the exam on their phone, and then enable their laps. Free wi-fi is already available in most location around the Nürburgring, and later in the year, dedicated flat-screen consoles will be available at the info-centre for those who don’t have a smartphone.

“Not only will the basics of safety be better communicated, like what a yellow flag means, why the emergency lane exists, or which side to overtake, but also it will drive more customers to engage with our platform and sign up for an account,” says Termann.

“I mean, it’s the year 2024,” he laughs. “It’s relatively easy to do, it’s good for our business, good for new customers, and good for existing customers. It’s really a win-win. I have no idea why we didn’t do it before.”

The new system is online immediately, and you can watch the current Nürburgring safety briefing below.

You can sign up for your account at!


Of course, I’m sure everybody reads the whole article, and not just the headline. Especially before sharing it.

And of course, the very idea of telling people what a yellow flag is BEFORE they enter the world’s toughest racetrack is purely my fantasy, and isn’t a realistic approach to the problem(!).

But thanks for taking this flight of fancy with me 😉 


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