Sabine Schmitz: 1969-2021

For thousands of Nürburgring fans around the world, Sabine was much, much more than the stereotype-busting “Queen of the ‘Ring” that the BBC loved to portray.

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She was the Queen of the Nürburgring Nordschleife, sure. But she was also BMW and BMW Motorsport back when “Sheer Driving Pleasure” had gravitas and actually meant something. She was bullshit-free, cold beers in a smokey PK after a hard day driving the Ring-Taxi sideways through Brünnchen. She was Eifel-Blitz at 2am on a rainy Sunday morning, she was Frikadelli Porsche carving through the pack after a pitlane start.

She was cowboy boots, quadbikes, helicopters and horses. She lived the life, walked the walk and talked the talk. She was a hero for a whole generation of close-to-middle-aged car guys, back before “woke” was even a thing.

And now she’s gone, but she’ll never, ever be forgotten.

RIP Sabine Schmitz – 1969 to 2021

Sabine lost her 3-year battle with cancer in the last 24-hours. I will link to an official statement as soon as one is available.






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