Naming a corner of the Nürburgring after Sabine Schmitz

I’m still pretty emotional, and I’m stuck on the other side of Europe, but I had a horrible feeling that if I didn’t start this today, the momentum might not ever be so high as it is now.


That’s why I’ve created this petition on, to ask, respectfully, that a corner of our beloved Nordschleife be named in her honour.

It’s not as if we’d even have to rename a corner, as many individual named sections contain several different corners. Let me explain some Nordschleife naming issues:

possible corners for Sabine

  1. This downhill right is often called Hatzenbach Bogen, which is confusing as the fast right on the GP circuit closest to it is named the same. This could be re-named EASILY
  2. Everybody knows the Füchsröhre, but the high-speed flick-flack before it? Between the old poststraße and the bottom of the dip? Also needs a name.
  3. Metzgesfeld is an historic section, but it’s greedy. It has 3 corners inside! It could surrender at least one to the Queen of the ‘Ring.
  4. Spiegelkurve is a wonderful old name, but it’s not often used for this mirror-scraping high-speed pif-paf. A weak candidate, but it’s there. I’m just saying.
  5. Lauda Links is officially part of Bergwerk – can’t we get this ratified at the same time?!
  6. The third left of Kesselchen is a corner that has taken lives, cars and egos. But it still has no name. I’ve suggested Surtees for nearly 5 years.
  7. Another deadly corner that sits in the Klostertal section, but doesn’t get its own name.  I lost a colleague here, and it’s another fine candidate for a proper name.
  8. Hohe Acht is the name of the hill behind this section, and the 90º right-hander at the top of the hill. But what about the fast left? Or the flick-flack chicane? No official name…

Yes, I’ve done this before, and yes, I’ve failed miserably. But I’m nothing, if not foolhardy and emotional. So let’s do this. Please sign it and pass it on


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