SPOILER ALERT: Lamborghini continue to tease us all

February 23rd arrived and Lamborghini did indeed drop more details about their much-rumoured Huracan, although they failed to reveal an actual laptime.

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No matter, because now potential customers are revealing  their dealers are talking about a 6m52s lap. But let’s not talk about that too much until the video arrives… because that’s a full 5-seconds faster than the Porsche 918!

So here’s the low-down. The video (that you can see below) reveals that the latest Huracan is equipped with ALA, which standards for Aerodinamica Lamborghini Attiva. This isn’t a new budget airline based in Bolognese, but Active Aerodynamics.

Here, the video explains a little…

Oh yes, this is a little bit more complicated than the tilting wing on a McLaren, but not much more.

Ooh! Pretty diagrams! But wait… I’m no expert in aerodynamics, but I’m going to presume that the diagram above isn’t complete. If we wanted that front wing to produce to downforce, then we’d need the lower air path to travel alonger distance for the same time (faster), normally around a curved surface, and the upper air to travel straighter and slower, and then both streams should join at the end. Then the fast air underneath would create low pressure, and the slower air above would be higher pressure, and down force would be made. I don’t see any  of that.

Maybe the rear wing will make more sense?  Well, it does. Almost. The first diagram shows the wing in profile, clearly creating very many downforces. The second diagram reveals an F1-style ‘blower’, venting air directly into the wing and destroying the lift. Although the diagram showing a whole bunch of induced-drag-causing turbulence doesn’t immediately make me think of ‘low-drag’

I’m obviously being too boring. It’s a LAMBORGHINI and once again, it’s fast as hell, around the Green Hell.

The next tease is scheduled for March 1st, and it had better be a totally awesome onboard lap, uncut, with data, or I’m cancelling my pre-order and sticking with my SEAT Leon Cupra. 😉

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