The 911 Safari is getting closer!

I kinda love 911s, while I’m kinda sick of them too. There’s no two ways about it, Porsche are *KILLING* the supercar game right now. From a lowly 911 to a Manthey-kitted GT2RS, there isn’t a single 911 in the range that sucks. They’re all great. I love the 911 T, for example, and I love that companies like Litchfield can take the base-model 3.0ltr turbo and pull out 997 Turbo levels of power too.

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And that’s kinda why I didn’t care that much about the 992. As soon as it became apparent that the 992 would continue the legacy of awesome-ness, I kinda switched off. Sure, the 992 GT3, with its swan-neck wing is kinda sexy. But… what’s new? Nothing much.

Right until my friend Stefan at CarSpyMedia caught this 911 Safari testing on the Nuerburgring Nordschleife. I was just like, “DAY-UM!”… and my imagination went into overdrive, thinking of Rothmans liveries, Porsche 959s, Dakar and even Pikes Peak.

Now Stefan’s caught this machine heading out on to Porsche’s own Weissach test-track with a brand-new rear wing, and those 959 comparisons are only strengthening. And I’m in love!

The Safari 911 doesn’t have 21-inch wheels, instead benefiting from a little bit of arch gap under those thicker tyres. Up front there’s not much ramp-angle, but there’s about the same amount of clearance as a Cayenne or similar. When the first test-mules were spotted, I was worried that the Safari 991 was just too crazy, too far-out, to succeed. But these latest shots make it appear to be closer than production than ever before.

Meanwhile, the official Porsche press machine is busy spitting out Rally and Dakar inspired archive material every month. What does that say about 2021? It says the Safari is coming.

And I love it. What about you?

Thanks to CarSpyMedia for the photos and video. Check them out on CarSpyMedia YouTube and Instagram.

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