VIDEO: Just an old Golf mk2 stalking a Porsche GT3 at 7m45BTG

The Legend of Nige’s Pinderwagen continues after another successful Nürburgring Trackday at #DN13. While some people seem to dislike his home-built GT3 stalker, others simple love it.

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And this video will show you why.

It’s not the fastest lap the car has done, Nige showed me some quite hilarious theoretical ‘ideal’ laps on the laptimer which would make many a 991 GT3 buyers cry into their Official Porsche Driving Gloves. But the fact that Nige remains a courteous driver, not an axe-murdering apex-snatcher means that those 991 GT3 youtube heroes can rest easy, and that there’ll be no 7m2x videos dropping soon…

Nige writes:

A lap following a German 996 GT3. He`d followed me for a while, then we swapped over and I followed him.

Back in the carpark, he was as enthusiastic as I was about the lap. We both agreed it was great fun

After many requests, I`ve added a short intro with a Spec list of the car and a few photos showing what it looks like externally. My plan is to make a more comprehensive `This is the Golf` video at some time in the future.

ECU data is recorded to a phone via Bluetooth and MSDROID software.
GPS data is logged with a Performance Box
Cameras are all Mobius Actioncam B. I don`t think quality is bad for £45.

All the data is then put together using

This was my quickest ever lap of the ring and was mid afternoon on Day 1 of Destination-Nürburgring! Track Days, previous laps were 7:50, 7:48 then this 7:45.

On Day 2 I fitted Slicks, but unfortunately I never had a full clear lap. I had 2 laps that would have both been 7:37, but each had traffic so whilst I know the car will go that fast, I never did the full lap at that pace. Hey Ho.


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