2015 is NOT OVER YET – Green Hell Driving Days this weekend!

DENIAL is more than just a river through Egypt. So even as the leaves turn orange and red, I’m trying to find some motorsports stuff to do. And I’m not alone…

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Because #TeamBTG and me were chatting about trackdays, big TF weekends and the stuff to do before Winter hits us with the cold, white stuff.

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With one of the biggest Nürburgring weekends still ahead (Green Hell Driving Days starts Friday!), I thought I’d throw together a quick blog post with the possibilities, so we can figure out what we’re all attending…. 

8.10 (October 8th)0900-1800TrackdaySpa FrancorchampsTrackdays.de€699Booking here!
9-12.10 (October 9th, 10th, 11th & 12th)0800-1800Public drivingNürburgring NordschleifeGreen Hell Driving DaysPublic ticketsNuerburgring.de
15-16.10 (October 15th & 16th)0800-1800TrackdaySpa FrancorchampsCircuit Days£280SPECIAL DEAL WITH BTG... contact me!
17.10 (October 17th)0800-1600RaceNürburgring VLNVLN9Too much
17.10 (October 17th)0800-1800TrackdayCircuit MettetCircuit Days£180SPECIAL DEAL WITH BTG... contact me!
24.10 (October 24th)0800-1800TrackdayRedbull RingZK-Trackdays€359SPECIAL DEAL WITH BTG... contact me!
26.10 (October 26th)1200-1630TrackdayNürburgring NordschleifeSkylimit / Getspeed€500Skylimit Events
31.10 (October 17th)0800-1600RaceNürburgring VLNVLN10Too much
1.11 (November 1st)1000-1800TrackdayZolderSkylimit€50/sessionSkylimit SuperSunday!
7.11 (November 7th)0800-1800RaceZolderRace Promotion NightFree entry, bring your own car and teamIncluding everything from Fun Cups to GT4, ending in a lightness-to-darkness 5-hour race...Hell yeah!
8-9.11 (November 8th to 9th)1800-1700 (evening then full day)National A License CourseZandvoortJaco's Paddock€849Jacos-Paddock event, full details here
11-13.11 (November 11th, 12th &13th)1000-1700Trade showColognePMWn/aProfessional Motorsports World Expo
12.11 (November 12th)0900-1800TrackdaySpa FrancorchampsSkylimit Events€220-€480Skylimit Events, full info and booking here

Green Hell Driving Days 2014 looked like this, by the way…