#Club1000 is coming to the Nürburgring

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A long time ago, before social media, before blogs like this one, a sub-10-minute lap of the Nürburgring Nordschleife was a badge of honour. It took driving skill, track knowledge and courage to achieve.

But nowadays you could do it in airport rental car. I mean you shouldn’t. But you could. Which means it’s all about sub-8-minutes now.

Some BTGers might buy quarter-million-€ cars to do it, others will build 400hp racecars with plates. I even have my own sub-8 family wagon Cupra! But the mission is always to dominate touristenfahrten with 7-minute laps. I’m guilty as anybody, but I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that the Nürburgring has been contaminated by this attitude.

Now BTG’s #Club1000 offers the antidote!

Inspired by our Citroen C1 racing adventure, where we discovered next-level-racing fun, at low-level speeds, BTG is bringing 1-litre fun to the Nürburgring Nordschleife, and other great racing tracks!

The emphasis is on driver skill, fun times, great meets and building your own #RingTool to a good standard. It’s not about how much horsepower you can buy or how many times you can post your first Sub8 youtube link.

The 2018 #Club1000 is a CLUB and NOT a race, and it’s open to:

  • Road-legal cars originally fitted with engines up to 1049cc – the cars will be driven at the Nürburgring and must meet all the standards that entails (read those here).
  • Remember, you UK and NL types, that you’re bringing your car to the land of TÜV. All your German and Swiss friends have a tough job ahead of them to make their cars legal. We will expect neat and tidy cars with no sharp bits, no pokey-out bits and no dangerous defects.
  • Cars must use the original chassis and original motors with original un-modified internals, only like-for-like replacements are allowed. No fitting Fiesta engines to Pumas, no de-stroking a 1.4 K-series to 1.0, or fitting Schrick cams  to a Polo. Standard cam-timing, standard pulleys.
  • No bike engine kit-cars, no turbos/superchargers (original or aftermarket), no nitrous, no methanol.
  • Intakes and exhausts are free. (Remember those cams and cranks are stock, so your £4k Jenvey throttle bodies aren’t going to have much of an effect)
  • Minimum safety requirements for participation on track will be half-cage, fixed-back bucket seat and road-legal 4-point harness, helmet and a hand-held fire extinguisher securely fastened.
  • A control tyre will be chosen that offers a good blend of performance and price and availability in the relevant sizes (13″, 14″ and 15″). Expect a maximum width of 165 to 175!
  • Suspension: Dampers, springs and anti-roll bars are free, BUT  no coil-overs or height adjustable platforms.*
  • Weight-saving is fine, but ultimately the car should be considered road-legal by the Germans when entering the Nürburgring. So don’t think you can cut the roof off, or replace the windscreen with a sheet of sticky-back plastic. Glass front windscreens and intact body panels are compulsory, as are mirrors and windscreen wipers! Dashboards must be stock, door-cards must protect both driver and passenger from any sharp-edges.
  • It’s a CLUB not a RACE!

Aside from the obvious fun at the Nordschleife (Touristenfahrten and trackdays) we are also planning some small-scale action at Kart tracks and the Nürburgring FSZ sprint track.

A small membership fee will be payable, and in return you will receive your official #Club1000 sticker kit, access to the members-only group forum for sharing technical information, and invitations to the planned events.

Trackday entries will be offered at a discount rate, and we will be endeavouring to bring you some interesting venues with a wallet-friendly entry fee.

The full sticker kit will be designed soon. Car numbers will be first-come first-served from 000 to 999,  to be reserved soon. You won’t be alone in the car park!


Club1000 Members

NumberTeam NameManufacturerYearModelConfirmed BTGMeasured PowerMeasured TorqueMeasured Weight
000Example TeamNissan1999Micra10m01s55hp @ 5600rpm90nm @ 3500rpm850kg
007Team WhateverToyota1988Starlet09m59s62hp @ 6000rpm88nm @ 4000rpm745kg