AMG readying new C63 S Coupe, and new ‘go-even-faster’ models

This is the new C63 S Coupe, powered by the 4.0-litre ‘hot-V’ twin-turbo V8 that’s becoming almost ubiquitous in every new AMG. But what’s more exciting is what’s hidden by the stark camouflage…

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Yes, those are front winglets (canards, diveplanes, whatever you want to calll them) on the new Coupe. Not the kind of thing you’d expect on a standard roadgoing model.

It’s not the first time we’ve seen a hot AMG rocking some extra front-end downforce this year. Check out the shots I took last month of the extra-hot GT S.

It’s widely believed by the world’s press that the Black Series moniker will only be used by the ‘ultimate’ version of each new model, and even then, that would come at the end of the model’s life. Not the start.

So what are these models? Well, here’s an official semi-useless teaser:

But is AMG teasing the go-faster C63 coupe? or the GT sportscar? Or maybe they’re teasing a whole new top-tier line of machines, like Black Series, but earlier.

Just a thought.

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