Weekend sale: DN12 trackday places 10% off

This month you can choose between TWO top-quality trackdays at the Nürburgring Nordschleife. And for this weekend only, BTG is proud to offer you 10% off the first event: DN12

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DN12, as the name suggests, is the 12th event by UK-based organiser Destination Nürburgring. I’m kinda proud to say that I’ve attended every single event since the first. Back when the forums were full of people saying “It’ll never work! Who would pay for a £450 for a trackday when you can buy a public ticket for only £10?”

Now, of course, trackdays are a very attractive option for customers all over the world.

Here are the main points about DN12:

  • Uses the 24km ‘VLN’ layout (short F1 circuit + long Nordschleife)
  • Uses F1 paddock and pitlane
  • Free Frozenspeed photography
  • Open Pitlane, maximum 150 cars on track
  • 10% off if you book from this page before 6pm (UK time) Sunday 

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