Hyundai drop Nordschleife taxi prices to €99… but there’s a catch!

My last Hyundai Nuerburgring taxi story might have caused a few ripples. Fair enough, I didn’t hold back on the headline, but I felt justified. Offering a 280hp front-wheel-drive hatch Nordschleife taxi for the same money as a 575hp Jaguar seemed a little bit optimistic.

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But things have changed in the last month since I published “Hyundai launch most underwhelming Nürburgring taxi in the history of ‘Ring taxis.”

Indeed the price has HALVED to €99 for a single passenger and a single lap, making it one of the cheapest ‘ring taxis in the history of the Nuerburgring*. There’s a catch though; If you want to take a friend, it jumps to €129, and a third passenger (COVID regulations allowing) takes it to €139 total. So you’re paying between €99 and €47 per person, per lap. Depending on just how much you want those tyres to squeal.

You can check the updated prices on the official Nordschleife N Taxi website here.

And if you want to see them in action, with their brand-new livery, check out the Auto Addiction channel video below:

Read the full story from March right here:

Hyundai launch most underwhelming Nürburgring taxi in the history of ‘Ring taxis.

* The cheapest official taxi laps are the free ones, just saying. 

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