More personal thoughts on the Nürburgring speedlimit debacle.

If it’s a choice between lapping with speed limits and not lapping at all, I’ll take the speed limits. It’s a shame we are in this position, and it sucks that the suits and bean-counters can’t tell the difference between a freak, flying GT3 car and the rest of us. But let’s be honest… Practically the limits probably affect less than 10% of the traffic. I just hope that the management understand the severity of the PR situation and look for a better solution ASAP. Personally, I would lament track modifications such as levelling the jumps, but we have to accept that this has happened many times before. The 30s nordschleife was different to the 50s, was different to the 70s, was different to the 80s, etc… Let’s stay positive and try to support the ‘Ring. 👍🚗🏁

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Full info graphic of the Nürburgring Nordschleife speedlimits here!

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