N24: Follow the Fiesta here!

Hey BTGers, it’s been a busy couple of days here at the Nordschleife, but we’re finally ready for the biggest race of the year: the 2016 Nürburgring 24 hour!

And this is how you can follow the race, with livestreams, social media, and more!

N24h Apps for your Apple/Android device:

Getspeed App, €FREE, (iOS/Android)

This is a must-have app for THREE reasons. The first is the best; allowing you to choose between the awesome Vodafone 4G livestreams from 11 different front-running cars and two more TV-quality broadcasts (German and English). Secondly, it’s got the live-timing info on there, and thirdly, it’s carrying a twitter-based news ticker. You can get it below:

FREE Apple iOS download here
FREE Apple iOS download here
Free Android download here
Free Android download here


GPSAuge €FREE (iOS only)


This is a direct line inside the GPS-over-Mobile technology that race-control uses to check we’re not speeding through double-yellows or Code-60s.

You can view car positions, and sort/filter by class. Check it out here:

FREE GPSauge for iOS download
FREE GPSauge for iOS download

YouTube N24 Livestream:

(direct link here!)


(live timing, results, statistics AND tracking!)

(live onboard, and live broadcast.

Social Media:

facebook.com/bridgetogantry (live updates, broadcasts and photos)
instagram/bridgetogantry (photos from the pits)

WHAT HAVE I MISSED?! Post the links below please!

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