N24: The underdog makes it into the night…

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I’m buzzing, our pit box is on fire. Against all the odds we’re running third in class and, well, we’re still running!

Luke pulled a double stint to start, and when I headed out for my first N24 laps, it was into a rain storm that lasted all of 3 minutes. Chaos ensued, and I was stuck on wets while the track dried up almost instantly…


Bradley just started his stint now, and the silver underdog is still lapping in our ‘comfortable’ 11min+ bracket (my 10m57s was actually WAY too fast for our strategy!)

The pitstop wasn’t so great, because our little (big) E46 blew a headlight bulb…

But we’re back on the track now, still in third and having FUN. Luke is off the radio now, Kjetil back on it, and Luke is about to step in.

I’ve just been on the Vodafone livestream (link here) and will be heading out to my night-time stint sometime past midnight.

You can follow the new livetiming system here.