N24: Tuesday setup

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It might be five days before the race starts, but the N24 is already underway…

Tuesday is build-up day, here at the Nürburgring. A sea of trucks and tents becoming a temporary motorsports village.

The most-times abandoned boulevard is a hive of activity too. Lexus, Audi and AMG all building their respective stands ready to show us the latest models.

The queue for scrutineering is already growing as we finally join with the underdog.

If you look carefully you’ll even see our last-minute 4th driver, himself no stranger to the pages of BridgeToGantry.com.  Yes it’s Luke, of manual E92 M3 notoriety.

But when every single scrutineer in the shed leaves their own lane to come and look at your car, you know you’re in for a long night. Three items to cross off the list before we can re-attempt scrutineering. Maybe tomorrow, maybe thursday.

Nothing is certain. The team have some more work to do before we can even think about the race…