New Pennzoil video explains all those skidmarks around the ‘Ring in 2017

Driving to work last year, I came across a new set of skidmarks on the road near Muellenbach. Then some more, and some more. The sheer number of them, and the directions they were taking (quite often the wrong way up a slip road or around a junction) led me to to believe some pro-level drifting had taken place.

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Locals were semi-complaining that an “oil company” had been shutting roads down “randomly” for guerilla-shooting. The description matched a BMW M4, and I kinda forgot about it… until now.

I could try and explain the plot, but what’s the point? My personal theory is that the driver just got texted a discount code to Pascha’s. That explains things a lot better, in my opinion.

I’m reliably informed by people who know that the wheelwork is courtesy of Rhys Millen. It’s excellent driving, though I’d have asked for a little more danger money if they made me wear those string-backed driving gloves…

Here’s the other Pennzoil video that did a good job of lubricating my motor last year.

And the original “yellow car going sideways on the ‘Ring” video is, of course…

RUF just dropped the full 19m ‘Yellow Bird’ video on to YouTube

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