NEW video of the AMG-One hypercar; does this sound better?

Once again, I’m seriously concerned that I’m becoming that grumpy old man who shakes his fist at passing clouds, and talks too much about the good old days. But in “MY DAY” a hyper car had a fire-breathing V12 with 48-valves pulsing at speeds beyond comprehension, and dish-sized pistons moving in strokes so short and fast that it made a Spring Hare look like the world’s slowest lover.

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AMG’s take on the hypercar, a turbo-charged 1.6 ex-FormulaOne motor made road-legal, is as inspiringly ambitious as it is dull to listen to. It’s what happens when engineers play metaphorical Dungeons and Dragons in the basement for too long, and forget what the sunlight looks like. It’s a mechanical masterpiece of emissions engineering that leaves the casual car enthusiast cold.

Do you think I’m being harsh?!

Check out the new video of the AMG One testing from CarSpyMedia:

I’ve mentioned the 50,000km engine life already, and the ludicrous price tag already. And I have little doubt that the incredibly smart guys at AMG will produce a record breaking machine.

What I’d like to know, from you, dear reader, is… who really cares? I have more interest in the Murray T.50, the new Ferrari V12, even a McLaren, than this… now, if they wanted to turn heads… why not revamp the old AMG V12, and cast a critical eye over past masterpieces with Affalterbach heritage:


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