VIDEO: 7m05s BTG in Luke’s stick-shift M3

In twenty years time we’ll all look back at three-pedal cars and wonder how we managed to drive them.

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    Stickers, Ts, Hoodies...

Or maybe we’ll just look back at videos like this and remember that driving cars is fun.

Luke has been on BTG a couple of times before. This video, Dogfighting With Porsches, was taken last year during RCN. And, of course, Luke drove the N24 with us as a key member of Team #UNDERDOG.

Most Nürburgring regulars may simply know Luke (Lucian) as the guy with the white, drifting, E92 M3.

But there’s more to this car than a few big drifts. Luke deliberately chooses to race his flawed-but-fantastic three-pedal manual against sequentially-‘boxed Porsches in RCN. But he also keeps his car street legal for TF and trackday fun.

And there’s the keyword. Fun. Let’s not forget that’s why we drive the Nürburgring, right? Because it’s fun.

So even though the spec sheet below is as serious as a heart-attack, you’ll notice Luke’s driving with his FIA-approved hairy legs and sleeveless t-shirt, while the busty-naked-girl sticker provides a nice distraction along the Döttinger Höhe.


Car has 1310kg empty without gas driver
AP brakes
4.10 diff
CAE Shifter
carbon doors, hood, trunk and dashboard
GT4 aero package
macrolon windows
Raeder edition Wiechers rollcage
Akrapovic Exhaust
KW Competition suspension
Tilton clutch with single mass flywheel
AC removed
TrofeoR in 265/35 and 295/30
supported by, and

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