VIDEO: BMW E36 wiped out by BMW E46 at Adenauer Forst

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Aghhh… I really do hate these crashes. Earlier this year BMW E30 lovers watched with horror as an Audi TT understeered into the hapless classic.

This is almost exactly the same crash, but where the E30 once stood now stands a hapless E36 on German plates. And the TT has been replaced by a Belgian-plated BMW E46 M3.

It’s only a short clip, and you can watch for yourself here:

While it’s everybody’s worst fear (“I went to the Nürburgring and somebody crashed into me”) I’d still say it’s probably the least likely scenario you’d encounter here at the ‘ring.

In my six years of handling Nürburgring rentals and many thousands of laps, it’s a situation I’ve rarely had to deal with.

That might not be any comfort to either of these BMW owners, and the one time I saw a motorbike accident like this, I thought I was going to be sick.

As ever, drive safe, have fun…

Source: NordschleifeBlitzer