VIDEO: Unlucky E30 driver, wiped out by an Audi TT at Adenauer Forst


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Going straight-on at Adenauer Forst is nothing new or unusual. If you stand there at 8am on a Sunday morning you can probably see a dozen bikes or cars make that mistake in the first hour.

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But what happens to this poor E30 is just awful.

UPDATED: Now with onboard footage:

For all the keyboard warriors keen to take-up virtual arms, let me equip you with some facts and opinions:

Fact: slower traffic should move to the RIGHT on the Nordschleife, as with any public road. So the BMW was doing nothing wrong.

Fact: the BMW driver was not driving ‘too slow’, the minimum speed of 60km/h in the Nürburgring driving regulations relating to the minimum top-speed of the vehicle, not the speed in a corner.

Opinion: The Audi was clearly never going to make it through this section without eating some grass. The BMW was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.


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