VIDEO: BTG joins Skylimits to race Zolder24!

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I’m super-excited and deeply honoured to tell you that this weekend, I’ve been invited to join Team Yokohama/Skylimits to contest the famous Zolder 24-hour race!

(And I’ve got some more good news at the bottom of the page too…)

I’ll let the video explain more:

Needless to say, I’m absolutely grinning from ear to ear. And none of this would have been possible without the support that BTG received in entering the #underdog into the N24 earlier this year!

And it gets EVEN better!

As if being selected to drive with a great team isn’t amazing enough, check out the driver list…


Davy Suffeleers and Robin Put are the rookies, albeit podium-finishing ones! There’s me in the middle, then Skylimits trackday regular Simon in 5th.

Then Markus Palttala. Yes, that Palttalla! The Marc VDS GT3 driving, Spa 24-hour winning, seasoned pro!

Excited?! You bet!

I’ll be bringing you more photos and videos from the event over the next few days.