Another week of I-Pool, another bunch of cool new cars

T-shirts and hoodies available this week!

Latest AMG GT super-duper-hot-version gets even more aero.

One Alfa Romeo Giulia QV with slightly bigger spoilers and Italian prototype plates. One car with less aero (but still a V6) and German plates…

And the German one came out into the public session too:

Same F-Type R thingy that we’ve seen all year. Plus some training laps.

The M4 GTS can finally reveal its gold bits, though the rear lights are still disguised for no good reason I can understand. And the M2? I’ve seen it so many times it’s hard to get excited about it!

Petrol R8 V10 sounded great (don’t ask me about the electric version!). New A4s were boring. Bentley? Hmm…

Actually a nice Turbo or Black Series would do just fine.