VIDEO: That 350hp mid-engine Hyundai RM16 in action

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Just a quick update with a far-too-short video I shot in the evening. The little mid-engine Hyundai has generated a massive wave of interest around the world, but its appearances on the Nürburgring have been all too short and sporadic.

Mostly it’s been lapping at the end of the day, rather than the start, and it’s not always been sounding 100% healthy either.

Here’s the video I shot at Brünnchen, and you can clearly hear just how boosted the car is.

Rumours are flying that the car is causing almost as much as a stir inside the Korean company as outside of it. Those big Brembos are one of the few ‘outside’ parts on the whole car.

Power is claimed at anything from 300hp (too safe) to 400hp (too much. A safe bet is somewhere around 350hp, as this little hatchback will be contending with other cars that are all over the 300 mark.