VIDEO: Three wheels on my ‘wagen, but I’m still rolling along

Yesterday I shared my personal TOP5 Nürburgring Crash Videos from last weekend, but little did I know that I was missing one of the craziest videos this month…

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    Stickers, Ts, Hoodies...

Thanks to Tamara though, we’re able to all take a look at one of the craziest rides you NEVER want to take yourself!

Funnily enough, the exact same thing happened to me, many years ago in my old Alfa 75. In that instance it was the alloy wheel that failed. In my own car I’ve had wheelbolts work loose, and in a certain big Taxi I also suffered a broken wheel bolt one day, but l did actually stop as soon as I felt the vibration.

So remember kids, if it vibrates, if it doesn’t feel right, maybe there’s a problem….

EDIT: Here’s the view chasing the wheel all the way to MISS-HIT-MISS!




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