Was that a penny? Motorcycle U-turns in Foxhole

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, the Nürburgring Nordschleife delivers another dose of stupidity that almost beggars belief…

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…yes, you’re about to watch an unknown motorcyclist defy death by u-turning in one of the fastest, most dangerous, blindest parts of the old Nordschleife in public traffic.

If you need to stop on the ‘ring, here’s a quick bullet-pointed list to consider:

  • Do you really NEED to stop? Trained marshalls are minutes away at worst, seconds at best.
  • If you do need to stop, then is there somewhere safe to do so?
  • It’s GENERALLY better to stop on the right-hand-side, as people can overtake you on the left as you come to a rest.
  • Braking on grass is more difficult than braking on tarmac! Don’t crash trying to help somebody else.
  • ORANGE paint on a barrier shows a gap, ‘refuge’ or parking place you can park safely behind.
  • NEVER EVER drive the wrong way on the Nordschleife.
  • It’s better to park ‘ahead’ or ‘past’ the accident, then walk back BEHIND the barriers while showing a yellow flag and phoning the emergency number
  • ALL of the above suggestions are at your own risk and I’m a firm believer in only stopping IF YOU CAN ACTUALLY help. Inexperienced ‘first-time’ visitors can probably help the most by giving their phone to a passenger and phoning the emergency number:

0800 0302 112

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