The interesting things I saw in iPool at lunchtime

I saw many interesting cars at lunchtime today, and I’m going to share them here. Including, but not limited to, fast Subarus, fast Golfs, electric cars and three-cylinder turbos…


Let’s start with the Golfs. One Golf R400, which is a wide-arched, squat-bodied 400hp Golf. With a wicked, WRC-inspired fixed rear wing…

And also this GTI, which also boasted the same, new, rear wing…

Another VAG, sorry, Volkswagen Group, product that intrigued me was this new-shape R8 boasting old-style bi-coloured body panels. It was fairly fast, invoking a serious bout of oversteer in this Porsche 991 Turbo Cabriolet that it caught in Wipperman.

More German car-porn included a BMW M2 test mule, the M4 GTS prototype (with a new rear wing on test) and the wonderfully crazy i8 in both black and blue.

Odd ones out included a lovely black F-Type, an old 993 Porsche 911 and the Electric Runabout from Finland (back after doing an 8min full lap in 2014)

And finally, as hinted at above, this very yellow Subaru Impreza, no doubt a ring-inspired special edition that won’t be imported to Europe, as is the norm for the STI guys.

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