Parking garages offered to rent at the Nürburgring

When I posted a photo of some new garages being delivered to the Nürburgring’s industrial area on the official BTG Facebook page, I just thought it might be useful information.

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But I didn’t expect my phone to start ringing and my email to glow red-hot. So here’s the low-down…

The Thiesen brothers, Pascal and Marcel (pictured below), already own one of the larger buildings on the famous Meuspath Industry area. Now they’ve just added 27 garages to their portfolio, and you can rent one yourself for €95/month (+tax).

And while the development isn’t even finished yet, the brothers have already filled pre-rented 22 of those 27 garages. Yes, there are just 5 garages unrented right now.

“As soon as the weather improves we’re going add the second layer of asphalt,” explained Marcel, earlier today. “This will include a ramp to each garage. Each unit already has electricity supplied, but there’s the ventilation systems still to install. We’re also adding a video security system that customers will have access to over the internet.”

Add all that stuff above to the incredible location (only 900mtrs from the Nordschleife carpark) and you can see why these garages have been so popular.

I’d be concerned that the garages could be a hot target for supercar-hungry thieves, but with constant video surveillance going to both local hardware and the cloud, combined with some fairly impressive physical security (I won’t give details) it certainly seems safe enough for now.

I’ll let Marcel have the final word:

“We have space left for 13 garages, and these will be delivered as soon as the weather improves. They will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis.”


  • Quote BTG and each garage costs €95/month (plus 19% VAT) with a contract of minimum 24 months
  • Electricity is supplied, but also metered. You pay for it.
  • You can only fit one GT3RS in there, but two Mini Coopers. Or a Porsche and lots of wheels. Or a Lotus and at least three spare motors that you’ll surely need.
  • They’re not warm enough to build an office in (I checked)
  • You probably shouldn’t sleep in it either.
  • There are no toilets on site (I checked that too)
  • These are NOT the first rental garages offered at the ‘Ring, but they ARE the first I’ve heard about that actually have some availability this century… which is why I shared them.


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