Man takes baby for a lap of the Nürburgring, in a cabrio Z4

The Nürburgring Nordschleife’s classification as a public road is a hallowed and respected one*, believed in by millions of fans around the world. But the truth isn’t quite so clear. And if anything could ever threaten that special relationship enjoyed by the Nürburgring and the state of Rheinland-Pfalz, it’s idiots like this guy. And, sorry, websites like mine.

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I’ve sat on this video for many days, umming and ahhing over it. The decision to share it here on the BTG blog didn’t come lightly, but in the end I’ve done it.

Why? Because it opens a dialogue, and maybe, through that online argument, we can prevent more actions such as these, before they begin.

So let’s take a quick look at the offending video, shall we?

Shared by one of the many copy-pasters now prevalent on the internet (hey, I do make my own photos and videos too, as well as copy-pasting, you know?), it’s typical click bait.

Except, damn… this just makes my skin crawl. So let’s be clear, I’m no perfect shining example of human behaviour. Both my boys have done plenty of laps. Here’s a video from one of their first ever trips around the Karussell:

But even though I lived within sight of the Nordschleife, I didn’t take them around a racetrack until I could at least be sure that a gentle lap wouldn’t sprain their necks. And even then, it’s quiet hours of quiet days only. In this video they were aged 4 and 5.

Living life to ideals is a fantasy for most normal people. We constantly take risks, and most of us compromise our ideals regularly. But, I’m still gonna say this.

Just because you CAN take your baby around the Nordschleife in a cabriolet BMW Z4, doesn’t mean that you should. Especially with those skills.

Another clear contender for the Dunning-Kruger trophy, in my opinion. I believe his ignorance of the consequences has skewed his idea of the risk. Maybe in years to come he might come back to this video and feel regret. Maybe not.

So what say you? Is he a champion of human freedoms, and Dad of the Year? Or a dip-stick with no idea of the risks he’s taken?

Should the Nürburgring stop people taking kids on the track?  Or is that not their problem?

*This is a whole different kettle of fish, a massive subject, but the abbreviated version is the Nürburgring enjoys the same status as an Aldi car park. It’s actually private land, adopting the rules of the road. The polizei can give you a ticket for dangerous driving on the Nordschleife, or in front of the Aldi trolley park.

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