McLaren fluid spill causes 10-car crash and closes the Nuerburgring early

After a wet and drizzle-filled Saturday Touristenfahrten session, most visitors to this weekend’s Oldtimer GP were waiting for the predicted sunny Sunday afternoon weather to drive their laps of the Nordschleife.

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Unfortunately, barely an hour after opening, a serious 10-car incident closed the Nordschleife for the rest of the day.

The Polizei report that a Luxembourgian supercar lost fluidsthrough the foxhole, and I can even add that it was a certain Lava orange McLaren 650S that’s no stranger to these pages.

Because of the high quantity of fluid that was lost, and the location of the spill in a high-speed section, where it’s difficult enough to stop at the best of times, the ensuing chaos wasn’t pretty.

Luckily, everybody involved in the accident has thus far survived, though of the 10 injured, 4 are classed as ‘serious’.

In total over 30 emergency workers were involved in the rescue operation, plus 2 helicopters, 5 ambulances and an emergency doctors.

Due to the incredibly high amount of damage inflicted, an insurance surveyor was called to the incident immediately, which explains why the track never opened again today.

I’ve seen an onboard video of the accident, and it was really difficult to see the oil and the yellow flags, so my thoughts are with everybody unlucky enough to be going too fast, in the wrong place, at the wrong time.

Big respect to those people with the balls to stop and flag, in those dangerous situations it takes balls of steel.

I’m sure I’m not alone in wishing everybody a speedy recovery.

Full story (in German) here, thanks to Polizeidirektion Mayen

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