WTCC: Sir Jackie Stewart speaks

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This latest WTCC video puts chills down my spine. It harks back to a time of danger, when lives were cheap and racers died every weekend.

As Sir Jackie Stewart rightly points out, it was he who christened the Nordschleife the “Green Hell”. In this brilliant short video he explains why:

I really enjoyed this video, and I can’t believe that the last video (shot with the legend that is Jacky Ickx) has only 1800 views.

Even though the work of heroes like Lauda has resulted in a much safer environment for all of us involved in professional motorsport, there’s little doubting the Nürburgring’s deadly nature.

Even wrapped in the latest FIA-spec fences and nestling below somewhat random speed limits, it’s the Nordschleife’s danger that makes us love it.

And I simply can’t wait to see the WTCC boys (and girls) battling it out on the world’s greatest racetrack.