VIDEO: Full onboard lap of the ‘Ring with Loeb’s WTCC Citroën!

Official 'Ring Taxi for the Nordschleife by Jaguar RaceTaxi Nürburgring
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It’s the second-most-wanted video we’ve been waiting for since last month’s WTCC test day.

Onboard for a full lap of the Nürburgring with the Formula One of FWD, the height of tin-top saloon car racing, WTCC.

Citroën have released this video of Seb on a flier, and it’s pretty damn awesome! Check it out:

Why only the second-most-wanted? Well, this photo says it all…

Nürburgring WTCC laptimes


And here’s some photos of Sebastien Loeb I took on the official WTCC test day: