DN16: KTM X-Bow vs Pinderwagen Golf mk2

Nige’s plucky little Golf Mk2, the car I jokingly called ‘Das Pinderwagen’ back at DN12, is at it again.

And by ‘at it’ I do of course mean playing with carbon-fibre this-century-not-last-century supercars. In the video below you get to ride with Miguel in his KTM X-Bow at the 16th Destination-Nürburgring trackday (DN16). Nige’s Golf appears at 8m30s:

The debris at 15 minutes is Nige’s blown tyre, in case you’re wondering:

Click to see the Boosted Boris video!

If you want to know more about Nige’s Golf, I’d suggest you start at his blog here. But here’s a couple of ‘hot’ laps with AndyC on the passenger seat at the same #DN16 event, and this should give you some idea of the potential:

Basically it’s a homebrew concoction of boost, downforce and grip that gives even the latest metal a seriously hard time!

VIDEO: DIY Golf mk2 versus Harris in a 991 GT3.RS

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