Some photos from DN12

There’s a lot to be said for a good trackday at any circuit. But a perfect couple of days on the Nürburgring Nordschleife in the middle of summer? Welcome to Green Heaven… DN-style.

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Trackdays are rarely ‘bad’ at the Nürburgring, but an overly-subscribed event and some unlucky crashes meant that DN10 was a tad busy at times. Hell, unsurprisingly enough, after each closure the track felt more like a Sunday

BUT I’m pleased to say that this year’s events (DN11 and 12, logically enough) marked a return to form for Darren’s event. By paying extra (€172/minute, he told us in the briefing!) and no doubt bending a few Nürburgring-management ears, this week’s event utilised both the F1 circuit and the Nordschleife. And that meant we had all 35 extra large pitboxes, a huge paddock AND the normal Nordschleife car park to swallow the estimated 150-200 cars.

Combine that space with those numbers, and it’s pretty good. Then add in a little bit of selective booking (no unaccompanied ‘ring virgins) and you get sights like these…

And that’s just a few shots from the GP paddock. Frozenspeed were out trackside, shooting the complimentary (sponsored) photos:

Think it looks like fun? Hell yeah…

Yeah, that’s Nige’s Golf.

Of course, I got a few laps in myself too, courtesy of the new car. Thanks to the confidence of a new set of Pilot Cup 2s, I tried to give chase…

But even the brand-new car on semis was no match for a sub-1000kg, homebrew aero Pinderwagen. Looked good though, and drove surprisingly well for a family car.

Adrian’s Viper made the trip, and it only took me two days to figure out his Le Mans style GTS-R bumper lamps were stickers.

But add in a little bit of private coaching, and some (passenger) seat time in a fabled GT3RS 4.0, and that was pretty much a perfect two-day event for me.

There are dozens more videos and tales from every participant, and if you’ve got something you want to share, I urge you to comment below.

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