GALLERY: When Oldtimers (and youngtimers) do TF

I won’t bother sticking too many words up amongst these photos. But suffice to say that I found a spare 30 minutes today to watch the exclusive “Oldtimer-only” driving session that happened between 8 and 12 this morning.


The cars were wildly different. From modern classics like those above, to some real classics, like these below:

And talking of classics, what about this epic Foley? Father and son time, taken to the max!

Classic and ’80s rally cars featured highly.

Where’s the BENZ?! Here’s the BENZ!

Yes, that’s a 300 SL, converted into a trackday car. An amazing sight.. And another. And a third.  It’s easy to miss the 450SLC.

But more amazing European classics were just around the corner:

And supercars too:

A few Escorts made the trip too, including a tidy RS2000 and this rally-spec mk1.

All too soon it was time to return to my day job. Hope you enjoyed the photos!


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