Today the ‘Ring is a millionaire’s playground

Today the Nordschleife is reserved on an exclusive basis for a small group of wealthy people. The Nordschleife car park is locked, no public access. Behind the gates are Veyrons,Zondas, Ferraris and more.

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    Stickers, Ts, Hoodies...

Want to know more? Just look below…

Oh yes, that’s a lot of money in one very small carpark.

Unfortunately, not all of those hypercars actually hit the track this morning. The most impressive cars to hit the 20.8km Nordschleife were the Veyron (possibly a Grand Sport?) and the grey Lamborghini:

Speculation is that the group includes the new Nürburgring owner, Viktor Kharitonin. Certainly that would explain the relative secrecy and incredibly high budgets of the guests.

Those guests who didn’t bring their own cars instead were driving some rather hard-to-rent machinery via my employers at RentRaceCar and

Not the normal rental cars, I think you’d agree.

Rumours are that the group will decamp to the GP track for the afternoon before returning to the Nordschleife after the Doc Scholl motorcycle course has finished.

Yes, that means tonight’s scheduled TF is cancelled (if you didn’t notice, it disappeared from the Nürburgring opening times late last month)

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