Helmut Dähne riding a fast lap of TF on a Harley in 1984 is the weirdest ‘Ring video of 2021.

When a friend sent me this video link, I had to read the description twice. Then three times more. As the action unfolds, set to the most bizarrely terrible soundtrack this side of Hollywood, I couldn’t believe my eyes.

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    Stickers, Ts, Hoodies...

The original recorder of this rare 1984 #touristenfahrten footage had attached his state-of-the-art JCR camcorder to a tri-pod, which I think he had then attached to the back seat of his BMW R80ST!

And then there’s the jeans-wearing Harley rider ahead of him, effortless carving his way around the then brand-new Nürburgring GP track. Hmm… he’s a bit tall and thin, I’m thinking. Then on the Nordschleife he starts to pull ahead, by the Karussell, it’s clear that on a Harley or not, that guy is *moving*.

As the action comes to a halt at T13, there’s a familiar lankiness to the frame of the Harley rider, and I read the video description… it’s only Helmut-God-Damned-Dahne! Years before his Nordschleife records.

Enjoy the amazing scenery of a Nordschleife without fences, of a virgin GP track, and all set to the dulcet tones of 1984.

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