Can a Tesla ever be a #ringtool?

With the arrival of a second Tesla Supercharger station at the Nurburgring Nordschleife, it’s only natural that we really start to ask the question; can a Tesla ever be a proper #ringtool?

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While the upcoming Model S Plaid might have been gathering all the headlines, with its incredible one-shot-wonder Nurburgring laptimes, I’ve been more interested in the Model 3 Performance.

Magazines and websites all over the world agree, the M3P is a real threat to cars like the AMG C63 and BMW M3 in real-world driving situations. And on shorter tracks, like Laguna Seca, its possible for the Tesla to beat its 6 and 8-cylinder rivals on a laptime too.

But what about the Nuerburgring? And what about if it’s modified? Some of the answers you’ll find in the video below:


Unplugged Performance, far from being a series of MTV live recordings, is actually a California-based Tesla tuner. They’re famous for their time-attack and Pikes Peak warriors, some of which are more than a little lairy:

Working with Atomic Shop EU, they’ve been tinkering with a 2021 Model 3 Performance here at the Nurburgring. The improvement in the steering feel of their demo car is noticeable, and the car is now ripe for some serious rubber and suspension. It’s an exciting car to drive fast, way more exciting than before.

But, all of that may prove useless if you want to impress at the Nordschleife. Where you need 7 to 8 minutes of full torque application to even stand a chance of satisfying the average ‘Ring fan.

I hope to revisit the Atomic shop to find out more!


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