Hotels re-opening, spectating at the Nürburgring “not a cause of infection”

Today there’s a double-whammy of GREAT news for Nürburgring racing and touristenfahrten fans!

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First of all; the state of Rheinland Pfalz has just agreed to a roll-back of restrictions in districts with incidence rates of less than 100 case per 100,000 residents. The news comes just as the Catholic pentecostal holidays, and the 4-day Greenhell Driving Days are about to begin! That means that hotels are open to guests with a current negative test (which are available in supermartket, and even for free in Adenau and even at the ‘Ring), while holiday flats and houses are totally unrestricted.

I’ve shared the post from my local district (Vulkaneifel) as the Ahrweiler team are still on catch-up, but the news applies to all the local districts (Ahrweiler is currently at 85/100,000).

For now, touristenfahrten will continue under the contactless concept, and you still need to wear masks where-ever appropriate, but it’s still fantastic news.

With “no restrictions” in place for visitors from inside the EU, the floodgates are officially open!

“Model project for spectators”

The second bombshell to drop is that the Nürburgring has been named as a “Model project” for safe spectating. The State president herself acknowledged that the 20,000 allowed spectators at the 2020 N24H didn’t contribute to any infection rate spike.

This, in my opinion, leaves the door wide open for a BIG announcement regarding the upcoming 24-hour races in June. Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

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