Last chance to get a discount entry to the BTG Nordschleife trackday with Circuit-Days

Last chance? You’re thinking, “Why is it the last chance? The trackday isn’t ’til April 11th and it’s barely February right now!”

  • BTG Official Discount Code
  • Nürburgring prints, canvas, and posters from BTG
  • Nürburgring prints, canvas, and posters from BTG

Well, in case you missed the news, the April BTG trackday is gonna be awesome. And thanks to the ridiculously low-price before Christmas, it’s already well over half-full of BTG friends and Nurburgring fans.

Rent4Ring Nürburgring rental cars

For the last few weeks visitors to the BTG Nurburgring trackday calendar have enjoyed a £449 entry price by using the voucher code on that page.

BUT THAT CODE IS ENDING! Yes, we’re just like Easyjet, but without the queueing. As the event fills up, the prices get higher.


(Don’t forget that the October event is still discounted to £499 from £549 with the code BTG1610)