VIDEO BLOG: Misha blogs from BTG/CD Trackday (discount inside)

There’s a massive difference in price and quality between the cheapest and most expensive Nürburgring Nordschleife trackdays.

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  • Nürburgring prints, canvas, and posters from BTG

A couple of days ago Misha vlogged about “the worst trackday of my life“. It was a very cheap event, with too much traffic, too many crashes and somewhat relaxed organisation. There’s a reason why that event is NOT on my BTG trackday calendar. You’ll only find the good ones on BTG.
Of course, if you pay €1000 a day, you can enjoy the track on a very exclusive basis, no surprise.

Rent4Ring Nürburgring rental cars

But what if… you could pay a reasonable amount of money and still enjoy good organisation and likeminded drivers?

Welcome to Circuit-Days with BTG. On offer for the next five days for only £379 here with the code BTG114. Check out Misha’s blog about last year’s event below: