New Nürburgring opening times announced in August and September

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New Nürburgring tourist opening times for the Nordschleife and shorter-variation GP track (Sprintstrecke) have just been announced, with an extra hour in August, and two extra evening sessions in early September. Full details below:


Sunday 12th: Nordschleife opening extended 1hr from 1300-1930 to 1200-1930
Tuesday 14th: NEW GP track tourist driving from 1400-2000.
Tuesday 21st: NEW GP track tourist driving from 1400-2000.


Monday 10th: NEW Nordschleife tourist driving from 1730-1930.
Tuesday 11th: NEW Nordschleife tourist driving from 1730-1930 AND NEW GP track tourist driving from 1400-2000

My 2018 BTG Nürburgring opening times page will be updated automagically tonight. Happy lapping!