Lamborghini claim new 6m45s Nürburgring lap record; Adenau LIDL sells out of popcorn

The battle for Nürburgring laptime supremacy is the gift that just keeps giving. This week it’s Lamborghini’s turn to wow the assembled internet crowds, by claiming a truly incredible 6m44.97s laptime for their new Aventador SVJ (the J is for Jota).

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The title of Fastest Actually Road-legal Production Car You Can Actually Buy From A Shop is one that’s been handed around a few times over the last couple of decades. But Porsche and Lamborghini have been scrapping hard, with the current 991 GT2RS being widely regarded as King of the Ring by most with a 6m47s laptime.

It’s not exactly clear when the SVJ set its laptime, as the SVJ test mule has had numerous attempts at a lap this year. Maybe more will be revealed with the onboard video, which is promised soon.

All I know is that, this time, Lamborghini had better not mess up the overlay. Much better to fit something like a Video Vbox2, record it ‘live’ like Porsche did, and don’t start ‘processing’ the data after the lap. Just upload the file within minutes of the lap. Or upload the file within hours. Proper job.


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