LUDICROUS 6m47.25 Porsche GT2RS 991 onboard video online

This is the fastest street-legal, almost mass production car you’ve ever seen lap the Nürburgring Nordschleife.

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It’s the Porsche GT2RS and not only does it hit ridiculous speeds (293kmh before SX, 313kmh on DH!) but it also corners like a demon rollercoaster on titanium rails.

You. Must. Watch. This. Video.


MORE ANALYSIS TONIGHT… but having seen a 6m50-something warmup lap with my own eyes, this video has to be taken at face value! I screenshotted my favourite parts:

Possible speedo error, or the world is broken. 293kmh!

Uphill towards Mutkurve faster than a GT3 goes downhill
Incredible v-min in Schwedenkreuz!
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