LUDICROUS 6m47.25 Porsche GT2RS 991 onboard video online

Official 'Ring Taxi for the Nordschleife by Jaguar RaceTaxi Nürburgring
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This is the fastest street-legal, almost mass production car you’ve ever seen lap the Nürburgring Nordschleife.

It’s the Porsche GT2RS and not only does it hit ridiculous speeds (293kmh before SX, 313kmh on DH!) but it also corners like a demon rollercoaster on titanium rails.

You. Must. Watch. This. Video.


MORE ANALYSIS TONIGHT… but having seen a 6m50-something warmup lap with my own eyes, this video has to be taken at face value! I screenshotted my favourite parts:

Possible speedo error, or the world is broken. 293kmh!

Uphill towards Mutkurve faster than a GT3 goes downhill
Incredible v-min in Schwedenkreuz!