Nürburgring ticket prices remain the same for another year, including the ‘JK’!

The ‘Ring management haven’t just released the whole 2022 touristenfahrten calendar for the Nordschleife this week. Oh no, they’ve also issued a pretty solid statement on the ticket prices too.

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The new joint-CEOs of the Nürburgring are Ingo Böder and Christian Stephani (ex-VLN CEO). In a press release issued earlier this week they’re credited with the following statement:

The new management at the Nürburgring officially starts their work on January 1st. Nevertheless, Ingo Böder and Christian Stephani have already made an important decision: The prices for tourist trips remain stable – despite inflation and despite increased costs.

Indeed the current ‘sliding scale’ pricing structure for normal tickets dates all the way back to 2017, (though we were talking about on BTG for years!). The season ticket meanwhile has increased a few times – most notably by €300 between 2019 and 2020, jumping from €1900 to €2200 in a single year.

Luckily for us, it would appear that the management are (for now) content with that amount of money in return for limitless lapping of the world’s most awesome racetrack.

Nürburgring Jahreskarte (season ticket) facts:

  • It allows one person unlimited laps of the Nordschleife and GP track during any touristenfahrten session
  • It can be used in any vehicle being driven by the account holder
  • It’s made of the recycled traffic cones that are crushed by clumsy drivers every Sunday
  • The break-even point (the number of laps you need to do to make €2200 a good deal!) is 88 laps if you only lap Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Or 105 laps if you drive Monday through Thursday
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