The Nürburgring’s public sessions were just as wild in 1964

50 years before YouTube, Brünnchen was still a hotspot

In the last decade, the Nürburgring’s “YouTube corner” has been made world-famous by tripod-toting crash videographers. But don’t think for a moment that Brünnchen was an anonymous, easy corner before we all got 300hp in our family cars.

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As the video below shows clearly, even with between 50 and 150hp, this corner of the Nordschleife was keeping bodyshops in business already. Watch as Beetles, Porsches, Benzes, and more, all get out of shape heading into the tricky corner we regulars know as Brünnchen 2.

Today it’s a slightly tightening radius, with a blind exit, over a crest. A tricky combination that punishes those who turn-in early with too much speed (which is every other car, on some Sunday mornings). Back in 1964, it was even worse, and far more severe. And with even less run-off!

Check it out in the video below, or on YouTube here.

Amazing footage of old-school Touristenfahrten at the Nürburgring Nordschleife in 1964

At one point in the short video, you can witness two gentleman living through a miracle, when they crash their Vespa wearing nothing more than shorts, shirts and deck shoes.

The narrator goes on to decry Germany’s traffic fatality statistics, while an Ambulance is being overtaken around the outside by another bike.

Just… go watch it. It’s gold.

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